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Caciotta (type of Italian soft cheese) with truffle


It’s typical of the tradition Umbro-marchigiana to aromatize the cheeses in various ways. To the cheese gotten by a mixture of bovine and ovine pasteurized milk , particular aromas can be added: in the respect of the methods of production of once and with the wish to valorize the products of the good regional tradition.


Features of the cheese:

-External appearance of the forms: cylindrical

-Size: height 7-8 cm, diameter 14 cm

-Weight: around 1-1,2 kg

-Crust: thin, white pale yellow colour, with pieces

-Colour of the cheese: white pale yellow

-Structure of the cheese: soft and friable, with pieces of truffle

-Maturing: min. 15 days

-Taste: mild with truffle’s aroma


Informations for the consumer:

The product must be preserved to an inclusive temperature among 4° and 8°C and it must be brought for some hours, before being consumed, to room  temperature.


Gastronomic combinations:

 The spicy caciottes are good table cheeses and  they are often tasted to the cut accompanied by a good slice of bread  or from the typical “torta al testo”.  They are used to flavour  fresh salads and as seasoning of first dishes. They are good with white wines  rich in taste, but delicate, as a Sauvignon Blanc D.O.C. and a Superior Orvieto Classico D.O.C. or a white Fiordaliso of the agricultural firm Roccafiore  selected from us for its floral taste.

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