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Capocollo of Umbria

For its production is used  the superior part of the loin of  swines born and raised in Umbria. The initial weight, from raw, it must be inclusive between the 3,5 and the 4,5 kilograms. After the initial disossatura, there is the salagione, exclusively made with salt, that it remains applied for an inclusive period between the 4 and the 8 days. Then, the meat is washed, dried and sprinkled of vinegar of wine. An energetic massage precedes the aromatizzazione with the ground pepper, before winding  all in paper or in gut. After having submitted the capocollo to an energetic binding, the gut  is perforated. The seasoning develops  in well aired locals, for  15 weeks.

The capocollo has delicate taste with pleasant and complexes perfumes. 

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