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Pecorino Tinivello (sheep’s milk cheese)

It’s one of the most important products of our selection since 25 years.

It is produced with pasteurized milk of sheep picked up by the shepherds situated in the country that goes from the center  oriental part of the lake of  Bolsena  until Orvieto- lake of Corbara- Baschi. 
It is produced  for us from  a small handicraft creamery  from which we already store it from fresh ( around 30 days) out brine and we actually maturing it in underground places to over one year. The technique is very simple: to position the forms above spruce’s aces and to make a constant maintenance of  oiling.



Sheep’s milk, salt, rennet, selected lactobacillus; the production that is sold from fresh is treated with preservative, the one that is maturing not.

Area of production: Lazio, Umbria


From fresh the crust is smooth, elastic and thin, the pasta is soft, slightly glance of  white ivory colour, the taste has important lactic and floral aroma.
From seasoned the crust has a dark coloration given by the various passages of oiling , the pasta becomes more compact and grainy of  pale yellow colour, the taste is very intense with a strong and pleasant character.


Fresh: cheese’s form of 3 kg or 1,8 kg

Maturing: cheese’s form of 2,5 kg or 2 kg (inside a wood tub of fir done from the ancient Carpenter’s shop Masci).  

Metà forma
Forma intera