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Picture of Pasta Flaminio - Tagliatelle

Pasta Flaminio - Tagliatelle

from the verb “to cut”, because they are gotten cutting the sheet of pasta dough. The best way to taste this kind of pasta it is to accompany it with the classical meat sauce or with mushrooms, truffle, fish.

Produced only with the best durum wheat to guarantee the correct consistence of every format and to cook it in a perfect way. The bronze wire-drawing pasta has a rough surface “to capture” better the seasonings.

The slow desiccation for about 24 hours to low temperature (less than 55°) to make a pasta that is uniformly cooked.
These are the secrets that simply make the Pasta Flaminio special, to preserve all the nourishing elements of its ingredients and to exalt every seasoning, from the most elaborate to the lightest.

Ingredients: durum wheat, water, eggs (Italian hens)

Without preservatives and artificial dyes. Any OGM. 

Confezione da gr.500