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Seasoned Sausages of Umbria

For the production of the sausage we select the best parts of the shoulder and the bacon of the swines born and raised in Umbria. After the sezionatura of the best pieces of the swine, there is the grinding of the meat to make the sausage; then it is seasoned with salt, ground pepper and garlic according to the recipe of our grandfather Righetto.  The mix seasoned it emanates such an intense perfume to be able to have eaten raw also; then it is introduced in an insaccatrice of which it will go out' the correct caliber of meat for the sausage gut. Once bagged various meters of gut, the sausage  is tied by hand to a distance of around 7-8 centimetries and, put suspended in well aired locals, is allowed to dry for a  period of 15 days.

In buste da Kg.4 in A.T.M.
In buste da 8-10 salsicce in s.v.